The Bailiwicks longest established recycling company -started in 1989.

WastenotTM recycles and re-uses various materials/products so as to minimise waste. From telephone boxes, aeroplane wings to car batteries, we at WastenotTM can handle it all.

WastenotTM specialises in T.F.S. (Transfrontier Shipment of Waste) shipments and is well versed in complying with the appropriate authorities and regulations.

WastenotTM is also a buyer of non-ferrous metals and pays attractive prices for any quantity of metals be it large or small. A collection services is also available and prompt payments are guaranteed.

WastenotTM can offer recycling solutions for a variety of material and with its connection to the Alderney Shipping Group, can also give a logistical solution to sourcing a route for the recyclable materials.

Materials Handled:

  • Wet celled batteries
  • Non-ferrous metals (lead, copper, brass, stainless steel)

Key contacts:

  • Bruno Kay-Mouat (Managing Director - Based in Guernsey) Anything and everything!General enquiries Charters/special/project cargoes Agency Any feedback Recycling solutions TFS shipments Problem solving/logistic challenges
  • Becky Inder (Junior Accounts Administrator - Based in Guernsey) General accounts queries