Please note: below schedule is dependent upon weather conditions: –

Thursday 19th Dec:                Load Poole & sail
Friday 20th Dec:                     Discharge Guernsey (morning), discharge Jersey (afternoon)
Saturday 21st Dec:                  Load Poole
Sunday 22nd Dec:                   Lay by in Poole
Monday 23rd Dec:                  Discharge Alderney (morning), Discharge Guernsey (afternoon)
Tuesday 24th –  26th Dec:     Lay by Guernsey
Friday 27th Dec:                      Receiving Inter-island  (GY-AY) and Poole Cargo (morning)
Receiving Fresh & Frozen (afternoon)
Saturday 28th Dec:                 Discharge Alderney and sail Poole
Sun 29th Dec – Wed 1st Jan: Lay by Poole
Thursday 2nd January:          Receiving cargo in Poole
Friday 3rd January:                Load Poole and sail,
Saturday 4th January:            Discharge Guernsey (Jersey TBC)
Sunday 5th January:               Lay by Poole
Monday 6th January:             Normal Service resumes